Spaac (’13)

Spaac develops the ultimate electric bike for city use. Check out the Spaac website for more information.

Spaac 2

Spaac (’13)

Developping an electric bicycle under the name Spaac (in Dutch “spaak” but now written with a “c”, meaning spoke). With the Yes!Delft pre-incubation program and the NewVenture business contest we get support in starting up.

Beixo 1

Beixo (’10)

Graduated on a folding bike for Beixo bicycles. Beixo’s designs are characterised by the chainless transmission; instead of the conventional chain drive, a shaft drive is used.
The goal was to design a folding bike for young urban commuters, that is easily transported when folded and delivers a comfortable ride. The Beixo Go is available here.

Beixo 2

Beixo (’10)

The bike can be easily rolled along when walking and it folds to a small package when storing.

Beixo 3

Beixo (’10)

Before a prototype was build, the frame was calculated on strength by simulating loads with CAD software.


Bendywood (’09)

Bendywood is a highly bendable piece of wood due to intensive treatments the material has undergone. For the company Van Rijsoort (producing bend metal constructions) three different furniture concepts where delivered showing the characteristics of the material.

DAB Radio 1

DAB radio (’08)

The aim of this UNSW project was to design a luxury DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio for 45+ year old business executives. The radio is equipped with a touchscreen that lets one select its favourite DAB station and gives actual info about the song and artist. The housing of the radio is milled out of a piece white carrera marble.

Baars 2

Baars-CIPRO (’08)

Posters for promotional activities of Baars-CIPRO, a civil engineering consultancy.


Philips (’07)

The aircleaner for Philips cleans the air for people with severe asthma, dust mite and COPD problems. A fan makes the air flow from bottom to top, while polluted air particles are ionized and caught by the HEPA filter within.
This TUDelft master course project was awarded with a 1st price in the aircleaner category award and an audience award.


Audithorium Chair

Auditorium Lectern (’07)

Entry for the TUDelft Auditorium Lectern competition. Awarded with the 2nd price. Instead of a classic shaped lectern there is chosen for a more minimalistic one, the speaker shouldn’t become invisible behind the chair.



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