Exasun Destacker

Project for Exasun with a focus on design, engineering and manufacturing of a destacker. This machine positions the cassettes with solar cells into a position where they can be picked up by the gripper of the pick and place machine. This gripper then places the cells on a panel.

POS Displays

Various displays for Van Raalte. The displays are used for commercial promotions and therefor have to draw attention. A short timespan from idea phase to production made quick decision making necessary.

Beixo Folding Bike

Folding bike design for Beixo bicycles that eventually got into production. Beixo’s designs are characterized by the chainless transmission; instead of the conventional chain drive, a shaft drive is used.

The goal of this cum laude graduation project was to design a folding bike for young urban commuters, that is easily transported when folded and delivers a comfortable ride.

Philips Aircleaner

The aircleaner for Philips cleans the air for people with severe asthma, dust mite and COPD problems. A fan makes the air flow from bottom to top, while polluted air particles are ionized and caught by the HEPA filter within. The housing illuminates when the air gets cleaner.

This TU Delft master course project was awarded with a 1st price in the aircleaner category award and an audience award.

Auditorium Lectern

Entry for the TU Delft Auditorium Lectern competition. Awarded with the 2nd price. Instead of a classic shaped lectern there is chosen for a more minimalistic one, the speaker shouldn’t become invisible behind the chair.

DAB radio

The Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio is equipped with a touchscreen that lets one select its favourite radio station and gives actual info about the song and artist. The housing of the radio is milled out of a piece white carrera marble.